Bye-Bye 2019

Don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to put 2019 behind me!!  This year will go down as the first year everyone in the family met the deductible and out-of-pocket maximums under our health insurance policy.  Yes, we had some serious stuff going on.  Our new normal means we now must budget $6,000 annually to cover our portion of the costs associated with hubby’s follow-up care at MD Anderson in Houston.

There were a few bright spots this year – my FW retreat in Idaho, summer travel with my parents to Canada, ESOL endorsement requirements met and a shift at the day job back to full-time librarian.

2020 will be the year for my biz to BLOOM. 

Starting in January, I’ll be teaching both adult and kid’s sewing classes at Stitch N Quilt. Kid’s Club projects have already been selected for January – June. Garment Sewing 101 and T-Shirt Quilt 101 classes will be on the books very soon.

Technical Editing
Tech-editing services will be marketed more aggressively. (No more being afraid to raise my hand and say that I provide this service to pattern designers.)

Etsy Shop will be re-opened to sell surplus notions and fabric, plus a few seasonal items whenever my Maker urge strikes.

Turkey placemat pattern (based on grandma’s vintage ones from the 1970’s) will finally get to market this year.

There are other ideas swirling around in my head…but this is a good start for a Tremendous Twenty-Twenty!