Was there a full moon this past week?

And did I miss the memo?

At Saturday’s Kid’s Club, Miss Jackie and I compared notes on how crazy the past two weeks had been. She even asked if there had been a full moon. (I checked. Nope, it was a new moon moving into a quarter moon!) Saturday’s Kid’s Club involved the girls learning how to make chenille.  Lots of fuzzy fun!

Sometimes the SHTF in all areas of your life about the same time. That was me last week. Too much of everything – work, linguistics class, home and then a text from a customer asking if her orders were ready (no due date had been previously communicated).  I will just say that I made it through the work craziness and spent 14 hours of my precious weekend devoted to linguistics class assignments.  A brief reprieve was spent teaching the kid’s sewing class and purchasing backing fabric for two of my customer’s projects. (I also now have a deadline, but will not be able to complete all projects in her desired time frame.)

There were some pretty dark moments in the past week – like when the professor suddenly changed the assignment requirements and I thought I had no choice but to drop the class because there was no way I could redo my work at this late stage or the unsolicited “reality check” (courtesy of  my spouse) when I mentioned that I might want to leave teaching at the end of the year.  I also felt as if I’d let my customer down because I didn’t ask some hard questions on the front end when a seemingly small project morphed into something much, much larger, thus requiring substantially more time needed to complete her projects.

Linguistics class assignments are submitted, lesson plans written and now I’m heading downstairs to my happy place for a couple of hours before it’s light’s out and we welcome the craziness of the Block B schedule at work. Thank goodness February break and QuiltCon are right around the corner!