Slow and steady progress

Merry Christmas to me!  I wore my new, smaller size jeans to dinner tonight!

You see, I began this journey back in late June.  My original plan was to be at my goal weight by Christmas. Instead, I’ve made it to the half-way point.  That’s okay with me. I’m choosing to celebrate my progress rather than bemoan the fact I probably have another 4-6 months to go before I am at goal weight.  The reality is it’s much harder to lose weight in mid-life than it was in my early 20’s.  From mid-November through New Year’s, I merely want to maintain my weight and enjoy the holidays. So far, so good.

My Christmas present was a trip to the week long Featherweight workshop and Lori Holt quilt retreat in McCall, Idaho in June, 2019.  I WILL be at goal weight when I get on the plane bound for Boise with Juliette, my beloved Singer Featherweight sewing machine, in tow.

In this world of instant downloads, quick quilts and rapid weight loss, we tend to forget how hard it can be to achieve an important goal. Slow and steady progress is still progress and should be celebrated. It gives you incentive to keep moving forward toward the end goal. Last Friday, I went around with the reading incentive cart to reward students who’d read at least 10 books during the 9 week grading period. Several of my second graders had blown the doors off that goal. They were so proud when they showed me their reading logs. All of those readers had advanced by at least two full reading levels during this grading period.  Kind of like my weight loss. It might be slow, but it’s been steady and I’ll eventually get to my goal about the same time my second graders get to their year end reading level goal (Level M on F&P for those who are curious).

Merry Christmas and here’s to an exciting 2019!!