A small, but significant, step

I chose to keep my weekly sewing club over starting up the new video production club. 

In the day job, there was a “realignment of responsibilities” based on my decision; however, I have zero regrets about choosing to keep the sewing club.

It also marks the start of a conscious shift to focus more on the things I want to do and less on the things others think I should be doing.  I am learning to stay in my lane at school and I try not to worry about things which are out of my control.  Yes, this is easier said than done, but I’m trying!!


  1. Health (lose weight, improve sleep, exercise, meditation)
  2. Relationships (outside of work and family)
  3. Improving skill set in both the day job and the side hustle

As I sat at Panera Bread tonight, I drew out a life bubble map that encompassed different areas of my life and where I want to be 12-18 months from now.  (Don’t feel like sharing all the details here, but suffice it to say that I am making progress toward those goals.)

The catalyst for all this:  I started doing WW Freestyle in late June.

Today, I am 15 pounds lighter and about 1/3 of the way down to where I want to be on the scale.  I have more energy and self-confidence, which set the wheels in motion for improvements in other areas of my life.  I also added some “mindful living” podcasts to my podcast feed. They have been helpful in my learning to let go of things at work. I don’t let stupid stuff get to me as much anymore. Friends and coworkers are starting to notice.

The surprising thing my bubble map exercise revealed was how closely intertwined my goals are and how change in one area impacts the others.

I’m excited to see what Fall 2019 has in store!