Why I Matter

Each year, we are required to write a personal narrative in response to question posed by administration. Our response, along with our picture, is posted outside our classroom (or library in my case) doors for the world to see. Here’s mine. 

  • I am a person who is uniquely made.
  • Boomer chose me as “his” human.  Together, we have made 200+ visits as a pet therapy team to area libraries, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and events.
  • Sewing is my superpower. It feeds my creative soul and geek girl tendencies while providing the opportunity to share my love of making things with others. (Backpack and uniform repairs included.)
  • As a librarian, I introduce kids to the magic of books and the joys of reading.
  • In the library, I offer a safe environment for kids to explore what interests them and “windows” to take a peek at the outside world.
  • As a librarian, I guide kids through the inquiry process (aka how to find answers to their burning questions) by modeling search strategies, showcasing resources and demonstrating my own critical thinking steps during the process.
  • Here at the RIVER, the library is often the first stop many students and staff make when they have a question or need something (even if unrelated to the library). Simply put, we are the hub of the school!
  • While often found behind the scenes (where I prefer to be), I work hard to find solutions to challenges and figure out ways to get the resources we need.
  • I care – sometimes TOO much – and willingly share my time, talents & resources with others.
  • Finally, I come to The River every day where my kids show me how much

This year’s essay was particularly vexing for me to write. You see, my day job title is that of Media Specialist. It seems like this year I am being asked to do everything but that. The school district’s library department has issued one set of criteria for libraries and my administrative team seems to be doing the exact opposite. It’s extremely frustrating, especially when you feel your concerns are falling on deaf ears. And after the tense meeting on Friday afternoon, I truly felt as if I no longer mattered as a person to certain individuals or added value to the school as a Media Specialist. Instead, my value to the organization seems to lie in having a big library space and in supervising students to provide teacher release time. As one of the other specialists said, “Welcome to the Babysitter’s Club.”

No, thank you. 

I hold value as a person, creative, librarian and entrepreneur.  The essay I posted here finally came about after I snapped out of my pity party.  If this organization doesn’t appreciate what I bring to the table, then it will soon be time to find one that will.