Made it to the halfway point in my class

The good news is, I’m halfway through my Reading Endorsement certification class.

The bad news is I’ve had to turn down several opportunities for quilt retreats, weekend get-a-ways, therapy dog visits and quilts for hire.

Sometimes you have to let go (albeit temporarily) of some things in your life to make way for others. It’s going to be June 1st in less than 90 days. Might as well have the reading endorsement to add to my teaching certificate. I had a secondary goal of losing a few pounds. That’s been a LOT harder, but hopefully still doable now that I have my healthy eating back on track.

Opening up my home studio up to private sewing lessons for kids has been very rewarding.  For next school year, I may look at adding Sunday afternoon and Thursday after school sewing classes to the roster.  We’ll see what kind of feedback I get.