What looks like an ordinary piece of crochet work to you represents something entirely different for me:


You see, I have tried for YEARS to learn how to crochet.  I took a Craftsy class, got books from the library, had private lessons at not one – but two – different yarn shops, even had a coworker try to show me the basics of crochet (and we’re still friends) – but I just couldn’t seem to get it.

So this week I have been home – as in knocked flat on my back sick – with the flu. I even had a flu shot which makes matters worse!  Until my fever broke, sleeping at night didn’t happen.  So, I started mindlessly watching YouTube videos on crochet of all things.  The second night, the light bulb went off – I’d been making things harder than I needed to.

I unearthed a large crochet hook and a some yarn in my craft room and started following along. The first few attempts were as normal – not worth keeping, but the more I began to get it, the stitches became more uniform and I found my rhythm. The way I hold yarn in my left hand wouldn’t pass muster with the crochet police (related to the quilt police), but I’m good with that.  I felt confident enough to tackle a small mug rug and am finishing up that project now.

So, this uneven, wavy piece of crochet work will be pinned to the inspiration board in my studio as a visual reminder that perseverance does pay off in the end.