Saying good-bye to my first sewing machine

*Sniff.*  *Sniff.*  

Old Faithful (what I dubbed the very first sewing machine I bought for myself some 20+ years ago) is no more.  She’d been relegated to the stable of sewing machines kept at school for Friday clubs, but I occasionally borrowed her for kid’s classes at the quilt shop when needed.  Which is why I went rummaging through her accessory box on Wednesday afternoon looking for a specific foot (found it!).  I also left the machine out on the news desk to be put away in the morning (as I had done many times before).

Well, Thursday morning, I heard a crash and one of my students came running out obviously upset.  One of the boys had tried to move the machine so they could set up for the morning broadcast.  Yup.  You can guess what happened. Old Faithful hit the floor upside down and broke in several pieces – bobbin winder, presser foot lifter, bottom case cracked.  I tried to get her sew, but it was very wonky and strained.  My fault for leaving the machine out. The boy who had dropped the machine was so apologetic and literally cringed like he expected me to lay into him. What good would that do?  It was my fault for leaving the machine out.

So, Old Faithful was given a proper send-off  this afternoon. Hopefully, none of the scavengers at work resurrect her from the dumpster and set her in my office over the weekend.

The sewing machine was put in the dumpster for a reason people. and not worth it to try to fix.  Believe me, I got my money’s worth out of her over the past two decades!

One thought on “Saying good-bye to my first sewing machine

  1. Oh no, what a shame…it’s so hard letting go of something that has served so well for so long. You’ll still have all your wonderful memories of all the items she helped you make 🙂 I have an old Singer gifted to me from my MIL, she still works although not very well. I’ve had her in for service twice but it hasn’t helped…we’re moving in a few months – it may be time to let her go 😉

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