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A PR class I recently attended strongly recommended users pick two social media platforms and spend the bulk of our time there. This is in addition to a website. The objective of  social media activities is quite simple:  promote your business in a positive manner to drive people to your website.  Some refer to this as user engagement.

Time is our most valuable commodity.  What are you offering your readers in exchange for their time to follow you on Instagram, like your FB page or stalk you on Pinterest for creative ideas?  What content, item or service is on your site that you can promote to add value to your customer’s life?  Hmmm…

Most of my business still comes locally via word-of-mouth. I chose Instagram and Pinterest as the platforms to devote most of my social media activities for the business. There will still be a presence on Twitter as that’s how I get a lot of my news.

Meanwhile, here’s to three more weeks of summer break before I report for teacher pre-planning on 7/24.  Yep, we start school early around here!

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