Sewing on buttons by machine

It’s easy – peasy, especially if you are sewing on relatively flat 2 or 4 hole buttons!

MachinButton_pinke settings:

Presser foot:  All purpose or button sewing foot
Stitch:  Zig Zag   W= 4.0 and L = 0 – .2

Some manufacturers suggest lowering your feed dogs when attaching buttons, but all of my machines seem to do better with the feed dogs up and the stitch length set at .2 (just a smidge above 0).

Use clear tape to hold your button in place while you sew, or just wing it. Test to make sure the needle clears both holes and stitch away.  Tip:  if your button will have to go through thick material,  place a toothpick on top of the button, but position it between the holes prior to stitching.  You will zigzag over the toothpick and slide it out when you are finished attaching the button.  This will form a shank – makes it easier for the button to go in and out of the buttonhole. I usually count to 8 and then tie off. My machine does this automatically, but you can leave a tail to pull the threads to the back to tie them off.

Tip: If the wearer is particularly hard on buttons, consider putting a dab of Fray Check on the stitching on the reverse side.

Occasionally, I will sew on a button by hand, but it’s so much easier to do by machine, if you can.