MQG’s Quiltcon East 2017 in Savannah

What a fun filled three days I had had!

So, as an individual member of the Modern Quilt Guild (both former Atlanta MQG affiliates to which I have belonged opted to disassociate themselves from the mothership), I was entitled to a free 4-day show pass.  I went ahead and ordered one last summer, not knowing if I’d be able to attend or not.

Lo and behold, the new school schedule’s February break corresponded with Quiltcon in Savannah this week.  I was able to go without taking time off from work like I did to attend AQS Chattanooga back in September.  Quiltcon East in 2019 will be held in Nashville, and yes, I will be attending, even if I have to use all my personal days to go!

One thing I have really liked about the Modern Quilt Guild is that it attracts sewists and quilters from all age groups.  Savannah was equally represented with attendees from college age to retirement age.  Bright, happy colors abounded everywhere and people were happy to be there.  Yes, many of the quilts on display were not what you’d see at an AQS show (skill level or subject wise), but that’s part of the charm of the MQG.  These folks care more about the creative process, handmade with love and less about perfection. Let’s face it – 100% perfection in quilting isn’t possible – no matter how hard we try. My creative time is precious. I want to make for the sheer joy of making something (yes, sometimes for others for a small profit!) – not feel I have to always create something worthy of judging at a major quilt show.  By the way, this will be the first year since 2005 that I haven’t had a quilt in the East Cobb Quilt Guild Show.  (It’s actually quite liberating.) If I’m in town that weekend, I’ll certainly enjoy the show as an attendee rather than entrant.  🙂

I didn’t feel compelled to take any classes at this particular Quiltcon for two main reasons: (1) similar classes are available to me locally and (2) cost.  Classes were $80-$200+ each, depending on instructor and length of class.  This is way more than what I typically pay at home or at other major sewing/quilt shows.

I did find a lot of value in attending the various demos (especially on Saturday) and in meeting key folks from various organizations that expressed interest in supporting my elementary sewing club (one immediately donated a HUGE bundle of fat quarters, one asked me about writing  a guest blog post/essay for her organization’s site and another wants to donate kid’s craft books from the publishers he represents to our school library). I am overwhelmed by their interest and generosity.

I did pay money to attend a lecture, but did not appreciate the speaker going on about their personal political ideology and belief system.  Making mention that certain things inform your art is one thing, but amount of time devoted to this topic was a bit much for this particular venue IMHO.  MQG members represent the entire political spectrum. Besides, I had enough with all of the elections last year and I really don’t want to hear about it at a quilt convention. ‘Nuff said!

Finally met Elaine Perez of Summercrafter Patterns in person (after editing her patterns for the past 2 years) and we had our picture taken with none other than Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company!  Sending that one to be printed so I can pin it on my board in my sewing room!