Breaking out of my comfort zone

A crafty biz group I belong to asked each member to choose a word for 2017.

I chose:


as my word for 2017.

And believe you me, I am breaking out of my comfort zone big time this afternoon.  The high school student whom I helped with her senior sewing project has asked me to mentor her through making part, if not all, of her prom dress. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any serious garment sewing and my interest was piqued during our sew sessions for her senior project.  Turning a client’s wedding dress into pillows for her daughters also helped refresh my memory on garment construction techniques and gave me the confidence booster that I needed to tackle this project.

Pattern review, cutting fabric, darts and concealed zipper installation are on the agenda for this afternoon. As is setting up a machine for her to take home to sew the straight seams of the skirt panels. We’ll meet again during the week for our first fitting.