Sometimes life throws you a curveball.

How you react to it is totally up to you.

This morning, my principal announced her retirement effective July 1st. She is a beloved principal whom many folks followed to an “inner city” school to help turn things around. I joined the team last year at the urging of a mutual friend. I’ve never regretted that decision because I know I am in the right place for me. I am still processing the implications of her retirement at this point. Know what I’m most concerned about?  My kid sewing club and bringing Boomer to school.  Priorities, right?

One thing IS for certain – I will not put my creative arts business on hiatus again like I did from August – November.  I missed it terribly and quite frankly, it wasn’t good for business (library or sewing) in the long run.

So, I will keep on stitching and working on building the business that will follow me when I eventually hang up my school librarian hat.