Stitching Stallions are coming soon!

Crafty STEM has been rebranded as the Stitching Stallions at my new school. Looks like there will be 20 kids and 2 adult leaders as I had at my previous school.  Rather than last an entire year, this club meets for 9 weeks and then we switch out the kids. So, Labor Day weekend will be spent making samples of potential club activities.  Pom-pom spiders, hand-stitched felt stuffies, a travel pillowcase and key fob will be the make & take projects. We desperately need floor cushions in the media center. This is where the kids can work in small groups to select, cut, stitch and stuff the floor cushions using all of the home dec fabric I was gifted a while back. Or we can recycle some of the summer projects like the owl and monster pillows. A bag would be cute, but I’d use a different pattern.