Crafty STEM lives on…

I thought Crafty STEM would fade away once I changed schools.  ‘Tis not the case. Crafty STEM will live on as a modified weekly make & take club at my new school. The maker space centers have been a hit in the library and the kids are definitely interested in working with their hands.  The first day of school left me bone tired and wondering if I’d lost my mind when I agreed to work under a fixed schedule arrangement. Today was much better. I tweaked centers and figured out the schedule. Second grade was a lot of fun. I left feeling like I’d had a good day.

Will have to get creative in how I fund my maker club. The poverty at the new school has had a sobering effect on me. I’ve worked Title I schools, but never one with this degree of poverty (95% free & reduced lunch).  It definitely helps me keep things in perspective. I may try a donor’s choose pitch again this year for some LEDs and general craft materials (like real wool felt).

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