A point to ponder

Just begin!
Don’t wait for the perfect set of circumstances before starting.
What you create is more important than where you make it.
Doing something to help a few is better than not doing anything at all.
Stumbling along the way is better than failing to take that first step.
~Author Unknown

Someone recently sent me this quote and it’s so timely.

I am wrestling with a major decision right now involving my day job. I’m sure many of you have been there. We make plans and then someone (or something) throws a you a curveball out of nowhere. The picture changes entirely in an instant. In my case, it was last Tuesday afternoon around 3:10 p.m. when the plan for next school year was flashed on the big screen. My job responsibilities are to be substantially changed and moving in a direction I’m not so sure I am willing (let alone want) to go.  (And in case you are wondering, no advanced warning was given to anyone – except a select duo – who are to be impacted by this new plan!) I have spent the past several days trying to wrap my head around the proposed changes. Much discussion has ensued at our house regarding various options and the impact of choosing each of those options. No final decision has been made as of yet, but I have prioritized my preferred options. I have until the end of May to make my decision with the regard to the first option on my list.  And I am at peace with whatever happens.  That’s a much better place than I was on Thursday afternoon.

One of those options includes taking my creative arts business to the next level and starting my after-school craft club at local elementary schools this fall.  I would also get serious about selling off the huge stash of fabric and vintage patterns in my basement. I’ll admit, I am worried about not having a longarm machine, permanent studio space to teach and a host of other things.  I need to keep in mind that it all starts with a single step.  Just. Do. It.  Just begin.

So it’s down to the studio to continue working on a student’s t-shirt quilt.

Here’s to Sunday stitching!