What the kids thought of Crafty STEM…

As a ticket out the door activity at a recent club session, I asked students to anonymously write down what they thought about the Crafty STEM club.   Here are their comments:

  • “Crafty STEM is really fun and it’s great to come to.”
  •  “I love Crafty STEM because you always have something fun and I love the teachers.”
  •  “It is really fun and cool!”
  •  “Crafty STEM is a fun club that teaches us to sew.”
  •  “Crafty STEM is awesome!”
  •  “I love Crafty STEM because we learn and have fun.”
  •  “I think Crafty STEM is a fun process for us kids to learn how to craft. I love learning how to craft using the STEM process.”
  • “I think that Crafty STEM is the most fun thing to do when I’m bored or just have nothing to do.”
  •  “This club is awesome!”
  •  “It is the coolest thing!”
  •  “I love Crafty STEM because there is always something new planned for us to do every time we come, it’s always the best part of some of my Fridays besides going home.”

And to the student who wrote the last comment – you are a mind reader because sometimes Crafty STEM is what keeps me motivated on Friday afternoons.