Birthday Banners

Mom said she wanted a Happy Birthday garland/banner/bunting for her birthday.  It’s a big one (70), so a handmade banner was in order.

Pinterest, I finally heeded your siren song.

This + this + some fabric from my stash made this:

20140914_095513 20140914_095610 20140914_095845

Happy Birthday Mom!

Construction notes:  I used the large bunting template.  Letters were printed at 66% of actual size.  A 3″ narrow font letter set from Acc-u-cut or Ellison (they make die cutting machines) would make this project go even faster.  Lots of fusing and just a little stitching.  Letter were strung on twine – a heavier weight cording would have been nice – and taped to the mantel with blue painter’s tape. In hindsight, cupcake fabrics for the letters on a solid background or a dark solid on the cupcakes would’ve meant more contrast, but Mom loved it anyway.  This project was TOTALLY from el stasho.

This would also make a great classroom banner or seasonal decor.