Switching gears

Summer’s now officially over for me.  I am slowly getting back into work mode by being proactive – handling some things remotely (web site updates and staff network user lists) to hopefully take some of the pressure off preplanning week.  Fact is we have a LOT of new faces who will need media/tech support this year.  We lost two weeks of summer break with the adjusted school calendar.  Let’s hope being proactive was the right choice to make by making my life a little easier come July 28th.

There are still a few items to cross off my summer to-do list.  The dining room table has been my storage area for everything I brought home for the summer. My new bookcase from Arhaus furniture arrives today. Will spend the late a.m. shelving my book collection. I am positive that hubs will be thrilled when I have FINALLY gotten all my books put away.

Our back porch project starts 7/22. They estimate almost 3 weeks from start to finish, depending on the weather and inspections. I have a feeling that my Big Green Egg is going to be a guest in my breakfast room during construction. It is way too heavy to move up and down stairs.

So, I have 2-1/2 weeks left of summer break and intend to make the most of it – finishing up two t-shirt quilts  and cutting several baby quilt kits so I can have something ready to stitch once school starts.  That’s a huge stress reliever for me!  I also tend to sell them as soon as I make them.  Switching gears also applies to the business – I am now making smaller, practical items – including 18″ doll clothes and accessories – to use up stash and sell in my Etsy shop.  We’ll see how that goes.