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My Singer Featherweight Must-Haves

In this post, I’m referring to the original vintage 221 Singer Featherweight.   A name. I’m one of those folks who names my cars, but didn’t really think to  name my sewing machines. When I joined the FW FB group, many posters had given their… Continue Reading “My Singer Featherweight Must-Haves”

Check out this super cute pattern!

Meet Josefina and Jeffery! Ira Rott is a well-known designer in crochet circles, but decided to translate one of her most popular crochet patterns into a sewing pattern.  This is the result! Although rated for intermediate sewists, an advanced beginner would be fine with… Continue Reading “Check out this super cute pattern!”

Fun Stitchy Things to Do With Your Kids & Grandkids This Summer

That’s right!  The Row by Row Junior experience is back for 2018.  If you like to shop hop, be sure to take your mini-me along for the ride!  Your little one(s) will be able to enjoy Row by Row activities geared just for them.… Continue Reading “Fun Stitchy Things to Do With Your Kids & Grandkids This Summer”

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