A computerized machine to consider that won’t break the bank

May I present the Janome JW7630?


Yep, you can pick up this bad boy at Wally World for just under 3 Benjamins.  That’s about what I paid for a similar 30-stitch mechanical model with the same body style from Sears way back in 1997.  I still have that machine and it is one of two machines I always carry when I am teaching a kid’s sewing class.

The JW7630 is similar to the Janome 8077, Decor 201x series and Magnolia 7330.  Features vary ever so slightly from model to model, but the machines are basically the same, except the 7630 costs less – from a bit of change to a couple hundred dollars. While I strongly encourage you to support your local sewing machine dealer, this is a great alternative for those of you without a Janome dealer nearby or who want a great machine at a more than reasonable price.  You can always buy the extra accessory feet from your dealer.

It sews beautifully.  Quiet, precise stitching, easy to use…what more could I ask?

Where the MyStyle 100 hesitated sewing over a thick seam (denim hem at flat-fell seam intersection – about 6 layers worth), the JW7630 sewed right over it with ease.  No hump jumper necessary, no skipped stitches – just slowing down a wee bit and pressing the black button on the machine to engage the “thick fabric” mechanism did the trick.  From a quilter’s perspective, this would make a GREAT travel machine – especially when compared to the Jem 760 price. It’s a tad heavier, but I’ll tote the extra 5 pounds to save that much money.  However, If I were an heirloom sewer and could only afford one machine, I’d give serious consideration to the Decor 2014.  Update: 6/25/14 – Saw the Decor 2014 on sale for $580 at a quilt shop in North Georgia today.  Very nice machine.  However, given that I’ve now seen the machine in person, I’d really have to be heavily into heirloom sewing to justify the almost double price versus the model found at Wal-Mart.