Finally happy with the layout

What you see here is a twin size chevron quilt in process. It’s for Wellspring, an Atlanta-based organization that helps young women who were involved in human trafficking by providing them with a place to heal and rebuild their lives. My quilt guild partners with this organization.  This quilt will eventually go in one of the girls’ bedrooms at the house. Wellspring chose the colors;  however, quiltmakers were given a lot of latitude with the design as long as it includes the chosen color palette and the finished quilt meets certain size dimensions.  The pattern here is Strip Tube Chevron by Cozy Quilts.  It’s totally a stash quilt with the exception of the white and three dark green fat quarters.  I sewed 145 half-square triangles.  130 of them are in this quilt.  My original plan was to mix all the colors up in a random order, but I didn’t like the look once I got to row 4.  That’s when I decided to group by color.  It’s scrappy within the color zigzag, but it looks more aesthetically pleasing (to me anyway) in this configuration.  I’ll purchase the outer border and backing fabrics once the main part of the top is assembled.

No design wall? Try a design floor!

Although I love the pattern and color palette, this was a difficult quilt for me to make. Not from a sewing standpoint, but from the fact my heart hurts for the girl(s) who will eventually sleep under this quilt when I think of what all they’ve been through prior to coming to Wellspring. We, as a community, need to take better care of our young people. It truly does take a village to raise a child.