T-Shirt Quilt Success (and Boomer approved)!

1384658328309Here’s a photo of Boomer giving his seal of approval to Susan’s t-shirt quilt layout.  We had a fun, relaxing time at Stitch N Quilt on Friday evening learning how to prepare our beloved t-shirts for cutting and sewing.  This class will be offered again in February or March.  Watch the shop calendar for our next class!

P.S. The class is designed for a 9 t-shirt (lap size) quilt.  You are welcome to bring more t-shirts, but please be aware that you will not make as much progress as those who bring fewer t-shirts.  If you do plan to make a larger quilt, please email me at comestitchwithme (at) gmail (dot) com for a revised supply list based on the number of t-shirts you plan to incorporate into your quilt.