The four words that made my day…

“We want Mrs. Kent!”

Seems I have a group of little girls and their mothers who want me to teach them how to sew.  They were very disappointed that I wasn’t available to teach sewing classes at the quilt shop in July.  [I was temporarily living two hours away with my mom while we waited on our new house to be completed.]  Evenings and Saturdays are about the only time I have left with school starting back.

One of the local quilt shops takes a greater percentage of the class fees for Saturday classes.  Under this scenario, it makes it almost impossible for me to earn what I need to get out of a 2 hour class….even if I was lucky enough to get a time for a kid’s sewing class.  So, it’s on to Plan B.  I need to talk to the manager at this shop about using the classroom space before someone else claims it.