Voluntary homelessness

As of next Friday, for the first time in over 20 years, I will no longer be a homeowner.  It’s kind of surreal.  I’ll be at my mom’s with the dog while hubs stays close to work.  Yes, we are building another house, but weather delays and the purchaser’s needing to take immediate possession of the current house means we’re in limbo for a little while.

We have a closing date on the new house in about three weeks, but a serious enough issue has arisen that could potentially call the deal off.  Not what I want after 7 months of building, planning and dreaming…but we’re not buying the house with this problem.  We meet with the builder and his rep on Monday to see how they intend to address the issue.  If no resolution can be found, we’ll go into an apartment on a short-term basis while we restart the home search.

Stay tuned.  We’ll see what Monday brings.