Taking a bit of a breather

It’s been a little quiet on the blog front lately.  Lots going on behind the scenes to coordinate everything in preparation for the move.  I’ve shredded more bags of paper than I care to count.  The past two days have been spent decluttering the quilt cave.  I spent about four hours today going through the last two storage boxes of vintage patterns I was gifted by my friend Diane (note:  these things are each about 4 ft long).  Now, I have one box total of vintage patterns in decent condition.  Now, the fun begins to get them listed in my Etsy store.  

I also listed some furniture and home dec fabric for sale on Craig’s List.  Some nibbles on the furniture, but nada on the fabric.  Not surprising, I didn’t post any pictures because my camera battery died.  If I don’t sell the fabric, I might donate it to Habitat for Humanity or some other organization that helps people in need with their housing.

If you are interested in discontinued Waverly’s Keepsake Check fabric in Hunter Green (6 yards) or Currant (10+ yards), shoot me an email.