House Update

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because we listed our current home for sale and received a decent offer within the first week.  The first of 3 contingencies has been completed (the inspection) and we’re waiting on a copy of the inspector’s report with the “minor” things that were found.  (They ALWAYS find something).  I will say that I definitely DID NOT APPRECIATE coming home to find the back doors unlocked, lights left on and things not returned to their rightful places.  They obviously sat at my kitchen table and could not be bothered to push the chairs back in (they were left 3 feet out from the table turned every which way).  The kicker was the bits of tissue paper left everywhere in the house.  The maids had come the previous day and the dog was at the kennel, so the house was SPOTLESS.  I had to go behind with a vacuum and mop to get the crap off the floor.  Perhaps I should send the inspection company the bill for this week’s maid service?  By the way, the issue was reported by my realtor to the home inspection company.  Home inspectors are supposed to take pictures and leave things as they found them – not what I experienced.

Moving day will be July 10th.  The new house is coming along and our fervent hope is that we’ll close on the new house about the same time.  The unknown is the kitchen cabinets.  It’s looking like we’ll probably be in temporary housing for a month.  Never realized how expensive if would be to store stuff for 30 days.