A lesson in patience (or business license renewal in my case)

It’s that time of year in Cobb County – time to renew the business license for 2013.

The line at the Community Development Office was L-O-N-G this morning.

Our elected officials, in their crusade to stamp out illegal aliens (to correct the news folks – they’re immigrants only if they’re here legally), imposed a new set of regulations on companies establishing or renewing their annual business license.  The owner or designee now has to show proof of citizenship in order to obtain said business license, plus have two affidavits notarized.  And it’s not just a one shot deal…you have to do the same thing every year until the business ceases operation.

So, I had my affidavits duly notarized ($6 at local UPS store because I’d forgotten to ask the school secretary do the honors before we left for Christmas break) and appear in person because I refuse to send a copy of my driver’s license or passport via unsecured email.

The line was long because the county had set up a notary public/employee in the lobby who was there to check documentation and notarize required affidavits.  (This wasn’t the case when I initially applied for my business license back in the spring.) I could have saved myself $6 if I’d known this, but since I had my documentation already prepared, I was allowed to go directly to the teller window.  In less than 10 minutes from entering the building, I exited with my prized paid receipt.  My next step is to affix the receipt to the frame of my 2012 business license and wait for the new one to appear.

For those with inquiring minds, Cobb County’s business license fee is $102.00 for a business with less than $100,000 in revenues.  Most part-time businesses like mine fall well below that threshold.  And as much as I fussed about the arts & crafts retail SIC code category the business license division stuck me in last spring, it’s turned out to be the correct code as my business has evolved to include more custom quilts and sewing for hire.