Christmas Quilts (or this one went to Boston)


Yes, this quilt did indeed go to Boston for the holidays.  My niece and her new husband are spending their first Christmas together as husband and wife in Bean Town and will not be joining us in Florida to celebrate with the extended family.    The finished quilt is 72″ x 74″ and machine quilted (by moi) in an all over meander pattern.  This is the largest quilt I’ve ever attempted to FMQ on my Janome 6600.  Need a little more practice, but I liked the finished result so much I ALMOST kept it for myself.

I have no idea what the pattern is called.  It’s one of those 5 yard bundle kits that a number of quilt shops sell for $30-$35 each and you get your choice of a pattern to go along with the kit. I bought this on at A Scarlet Thread last summer thinking I would make the quilt and put the finished quilt in my Etsy shop.  W-E-L-L, life got busier than I anticipated this fall, so there was no way it would get done in time to put in an Etsy shop or at a local high-end craft fair.  So, it moved to “gift” status and Melanie & Conrad are the lucky recipients.

This is an easy, fun pattern that I will definitely make again.  Next time, I will select fabrics with more contrast and variation.  I got tired of looking at these particular fabrics because they were so similar.  But hey, quilt shop quality fabric @ $6 a yard is a good deal in my neck of the woods.  Not complaining about that at all.

Merry Christmas y’all!