Expanding our therapy dog work

Meet Boomer, the READing dog


Just a quick update on our therapy dog work.  We have joined CAREing Paws, a local therapy dog organization based in Newnan.  For our R.E.A.D.ers, nothing has changed except the logo on my shirt and Boomer’s business cards. Parents, you will be asked to sign updated permission slips reflecting the change in our local R.E.A.D. program affiliate.  Times, location, policies and procedures all remain the same.  Please continue to schedule times with Miss Carmella at the library.  Thank you for your support.

Boomer and I made the switch because I wanted to expand our therapy dog work to include nursing homes, retirement communities and other community events.  It’s much more fun to visit  with a group of dogs than to go it alone.  Look for us at Marietta Reads! event (on the Square) in a couple of weeks!

Be sure to check out Boomer’s blog!