What’s in a label?

Apparently a lot more than we quilters thought if you decide to vend your wares…

FTC requires the following information under the Textile and Wool Acts:

  • Full legal name of manufacturer (or RN#)
  • Fiber content
  • Country of origin

Then, there’s the care label:

  • Wash* – machine or hand wash, plus temperature and cycle
  • Dry* – machine or line dry
  • Beach – regular, non-chlorine or none at all
  • Iron or no iron
  • Any additional information

(*substitute dry clean for wash and dry if necessary)

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, because the FTC has specific verbiage for the first two labels.

And finally, the CPSIA tracking label:

  • Name of mfg
  • Location of manufacture
  • Date of manufacture
  • Lot, batch or other identifying numbers
  • Plus, this label has to last the life of the object.

Burning question: Do we really need this many government regulations to tell me how to label my quilts?

I wondered why I saw *garment* type labels in the binding of  quilts from the long-time serious Etsy sellers.  Now, I know why.