Swap on, sisters! (but count me out)

As much as I love to get *real* mail, I’ve decided there will be no more swaps for me – largely due to the no-shows assigned to be my swap partners.  It’s extremely aggravating when I take the time to read my swap partners’ profiles, scour my stash to find the “just right” fabrics and  either get nothing at all or receive what most definitely qualifies as NOT quilt shop quality fabric in return.  (Notice I didn’t say – “must come from quilt shop” – Joann’s, Hancock’s & Hobby Lobby have some nice fabrics, too.)

I realize taste in fabric is highly subjective – but fellow swappers – ask yourself would the person on the other end really want that fabric unless you were doing an ugly fabric swap?  Can you see through it (unless white or very light colored)?

Life happens.  There are times you cannot meet your swap obligations.  Instead of hiding and not answering email, let your fellow swappers (or the swap organizer) know that you’ve hit a rough patch.  Be honest.  Tell them if you’ll be late or just plain can’t do it at all.  People will generally understand as long as you communicate with them.  And swappers, if a fellow swapper can’t meet the obligations, be gracious to her (or him) and the host.  Decline the kind offer of the swap organizer to be an “angel” and step in to fulfill the requirements of the swapper who couldn’t do it.

Getting down off my soapbox…