Pardon me Mr. President, but I’m the one who took the risk and started this small business –

I saved the money from my full-time job as a school librarian so I would have start up capital for my sewing business.  My business is run on a cash basis and will be self-financed.

I am the one who filed the forms and wrote the checks to set up my business entity, obtained the business license and secured liability insurance before I ever advertised my services.

I am the one who developed projects and met with local shop owners to convince them to let me teach kids’ sewing classes at the shops.

I am the one who found and fixed up old sewing machines that my students could use in class, because not everyone has the money to buy a machine when they are first learning how to sew.

I am the one who taught those sewing lessons.

I am the one who figured out how to restore a grandmother’s flower garden quilt and proceeded to do so, much to my customer’s delight.

I am the one who took a pile of old t-shirts and turned them into a much loved quilt (and this was for a repeat customer, I might add!).

I am the one who took a friend’s sketch and figured out how to turn it into a mermaid quilt for her daughter’s bedroom.  I also sourced the “just right” fabric, which was by no means an easy feat.

I am the one designing and making the projects to vend at an upcoming craft fair to benefit a pet rescue group.  Any profits, if any, will be split equally between Etowah Valley Humane Society and READing Paws.

I am the one who risked $1.00 in listing fees to try an Etsy storefront.  It didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try again in the future.

Please answer me this question:  If I wasn’t the one to set up and run my business, then who did?

By the way, Mr. President – you need to find another speechwriter.