This just in…I’m now officially on summer break!

The last of my obligations – a dog safety class with Boomer @ the public library this morning – has now been fulfilled and I am officially off duty for the next two months. Woo-hoo!  Of course, we will still READ with the kids every other Wednesday, but that’s fun.  It doesn’t require a whole lot of planning and set-up.  We show up, read with the kid and visit for an hour, then go home.

I must share that the AKC has a wonderful educational program on dog safety for kids.   The Dog Listener is a 12 minute video starring pre-teens who cover the basics in a way that appeals to kids of all ages.  The accompanying activity guide can be found here.   Homeschool and community groups could also take advantage of the AKC’s offer to have a Canine Ambassador come present a program (most likely at no cost).  We’re not AKC Ambassadors since Boomer is a mutt;  however, he is a registered AKC Good Citizen and a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc.

The official start to my summer vacation was spent at the doctor’s office to see about a sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away. Glad I went.  With three prescriptions and $90.00 left at the pharmacy, I’d better be on the mend.  These marked the first actual prescriptions I’d had filled under my new health care plan with the increased copays.  OUCH!

Tomorrow will involve sleeping in, heavy petting sessions with Boomer and visiting with friends.

Get your summer on!