Which direction to go?

Remember the movie Groundhog Day?  I feel like that right now.  I could fill about six project classes (Meet Your Machine plus journals, simple quilts and doll clothes), but the shop’s scheduling constraints mean the classes have yet to be scheduled.  This is exactly what happened back in the spring when I had a Monday class filled, but the owner chose to hold class on Thursday instead.

I’d admit part of the scheduling snafu is because I didn’t know my summer schedule until recently and I was caught up in the frenzy of year end activities and the never-ending staffing drama at my school.  

The staffing drama continues even into post planning, but I now have 9 students (all found through my work connections) who want me to teach them how to sew this summer.  And currently no classroom space in which to hold classes.

Guess it’s time to invest in two of those 6′ folding tables from the local home center store and visit Ashby’s for one more machine.  I’m not turning away students.  I’ll rearrange my studio for small group sewing classes as I’d originally planned.