Columbus Bound

No, not Columbus, Georgia!  But Columbus, Ohio to attend the NQA show in mid-June.  Hopefully, a coworker (and fellow stitcher) will be tagging along on the way up so she can visit her sister who lives just outside of Columbus.  

Why NQA and not the AQS regional show you ask?  Because the fine folks @ AQS decided to move the regional shows to other cities (Des Moines, Lancaster and Grand Rapids) instead of Nashville or Knoxville as they’ve been in the past.  Besides, the AQS grand event in Paducah always seems to fall during CRCT testing and I don’t dare even think of asking off during that time.

Two years ago, Mom and I went to visit Ohio’s Amish Country.  I found out about the NQA quilt show our last day there.  Last summer, we drove up to Lexington KY and to the greater Cincinnati area.  Two more hours and I’d have been in Columbus.  So, I’m going this year AND taking some classes.  I may even sneak a side trip over to Lehman’s in Kidron…but we’ll have to see about that.

Boomer will get to spend quality time at doggie camp while I’m gone.  Yes, hubs will be home, but given his crazy work schedule…it’s better for Boomer and my carpet if he goes to camp.