On a mission

Today, I visited the Original Sewing & Craft Expo @ Gwinnett Center for one reason only:  to look at sewing room furniture. I made two rounds of the Exhibit Floor and came away basically empty-handed. (Okay, so I purchased one small ruler!)  I did accomplish my mission however.   I was able to get my hands on the exact Horn rolling cart that matches my Quilter’s Dream cabinet.  My local dealer didn’t have one in stock – even in the “wrong” color.  I got excited when I read the sign that said all of the show samples were for sale.  Just my luck that the cart I wanted was already spoken for.  Not to worry, my local dealer had quoted a lower price than the show price, so I stopped by the shop on the way home to place my order.  Said #16 cabinet in oak with white trim will be arrive on Thursday or Friday.  The shop is close by work, so they’ll load it in my SUV and I’ll drive it home.  Hubs can help me unload it when he gets home.

UPDATE:  Cabinet arrived today (Thursday) and I helped the older ladies at the sewing shop load the cabinet in my SUV.  It must weigh 100+ pounds.  Hubs did help me unload and wanted us to carry the box down to my sewing room.  Nope!  I unpacked it in the garage and carried the drawers down first.  THEN, we carried the cabinet down.  Took a little more time, but it saved my back and having to haul packing materials upstairs again.