Signs of spring

The third nine weeks of school is undoubtedly the hardest.  The Christmas holidays are past and the mid-winter funk sets in around President’s Day.  It’s still too cold to go outside for PE or recess and the natives, both big and small, are getting restless. Our spring break isn’t until the week before Easter, so like the groundhog, we still have another six weeks of school before our scheduled school break.  It doesn’t help when my friends in the surrounding counties (who are off this week) keep sending me pictures of their families vacationing in Florida and at Disney!  We were supposed to have this week off, but the school board changed our calendar right before school ended last year.

So, the dog and I spent some reflective time at Red Top Mountain earlier in the week walking along one of the trails that borders the lake. We met several families and their canine children who were of similar mind.  Boomer smiled just about the entire time.  I think this is the first time I’ve actually walked the trails with him.  He loved the lake!  I enjoy it up there this time of year, too – when there are only a few people visiting the park and you often feel like you have the entire park to yourself.   We took the scenic route back home through downtown Cartersville and out old Hwy 61 to Dallas.  It’s enough of a country feel that you forget that the edge of Atlanta proper is only 45 minutes away.

I needed the time out in nature to shake the blahs and improve my attitude. Lots of things are supposed to change at work in the coming months and the powers-that-be are keeping their cards very close to the vest – which leaves the staff unsettled and doesn’t help morale at all.  All I can do is wonder and wait.

And watch for the unmistakeable signs of spring.

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