Almost there

The idea’s been percolating in the back of my head for almost 18 months now…ever since my former neighbor gifted me an old kid’s sewing curriculum and the mother lode of supplies she had.

Teaching a Girl Scout troop how to make pillowcases only whetted my appetite that much more.

Introducing a ‘tween sewing friend to her brand new sewing machine and taking her on a fabric field trip were “sew” much fun.

My market research showed an unmet need was really truly out there…but teaching from home wasn’t the right solution for what I had in mind.

A few months later, a dedicated media center volunteer put me in touch with her neighbor who just happened to be opening the new quilt shop nearby and needed teachers.

We met and arranged to work together to deliver sewing classes to her customers.

Just last week, a parent who’d overhead me talking with a co-worker about the  upcoming sewing classes, asked for information on the shop so she could sign both of her daughters up for classes.

The shop’s not even open yet.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I have decided on my form of business ownership, confirmed the fees and procedure for obtaining a business license, chosen my business name (Come Stitch with Me), confirmed fees and procedure for obtaining my DBA, solicited quotes on commercial liability insurance suitable for my needs AND researched business checking accounts.  I have also set my initial budget, sketched out a business plan and have my business funding already in place.

Once I have the schedule of classes firmed up and my liability insurance in place, all systems are go to get the business license and make it official!

Come on and stitch with me folks!  My classes should start in late March!