This ‘n that

Looks like winter has finally decided to show up in the ATL.  After an exceptionally mild  January, we’re expecting temperatures in the mid-teens tonight along with gusty winds.  Now to find my gloves, hat and scarf…and the bin of old sheets to cover the camellias that are in full bloom.

I’m actually glad to make it to the weekend.  I spent 5-1/2 hours in the dentist’s chair this week and exhausted my dental benefits for the year in the process.  A mishap with a watermelon Jolly Rancher resulted in broken front teeth that hastened my visit to the new dentist I’d picked out.   I have to say that they conducted one of the most thorough new patient exams I’ve ever encountered.  Yes, my front teeth were fixed and look great, but a larger (read more expensive) problem was found.  A filling I’d had redone by my previous dentist 2 years ago had failed and x-rays revealed decay under the filling.  Can you say crown?  Ouch to both my mouth and wallet.

A sore jaw and head cold (thanks to the kiddos at school for sharing their germs) meant I stayed on the couch with my laptop most evenings.  I did manage to sort through some of my pictures.  I discovered this one that I took late last summer with my vintage toy sewing machine and some vintage notions:

I didn’t really feel like doing much stitching this week.  I attempted to make a drawstring bag for a friend’s charity project, but it wasn’t my best work.  It’s in the round file.

My business cards arrived and word has started to spread that I will be teaching sewing lessons soon.  A parent volunteer asked me if I would teach her teenage daughter how to sew.  It’s a good thing that I am affiliated with a shop and am able to direct her there.  There’s not a thing wrong with tutoring or offering private instruction for pay as long as you aren’t teaching the students directly assigned to you.  You simply need to do it in a public place – school, library, fabric shop or at the student’s home.  There is a definite difference in my mind when it comes to teaching students from my school and the general public versus teaching friends, neighbors and coworkers.  I’m perfectly comfortable teaching people I already know from my home, if they choose to go this route.  Guess I need to put “scout alternate locations for private lessons” on the to-do list.