The importance of keeping one’s cool

I drive an Acura RDX.  Love, love, love my little blue SUV.  We reached a milestone earlier this week in that I hit the 50,000 mile mark.  This means I am officially now out of warranty.  You can just guess what’s coming, right?

On Thursday, my beloved SUV refused to start after my doctor’s appointment.  Here I am sitting in the parking deck at Kennestone Hospital with a vehicle that wouldn’t start.  I called the local Honda dealer that works on my car.  They said it was the battery and to call AAA if I had the service.  Luckily, I do.  AAA technician arrived about an hour later to meet me and the SUV that was now running.  He checked the battery with his little machine and told me it was time for a new one.  Next stop was the auto parts store for a new battery.

All went well until this morning.  SUV wouldn’t start when I went out to make my customary Sunday run for a copy of the MDJ.  It was as if the battery was completely disconnected.  I popped the hood and guess what?  It was.  The terminal connectors had worked loose.  I mashed down and it started up just fine.  Came home, did my chores and waited for auto parts store location closest to me to open.  (Had to mash down on the connectors again to get it to start.)

Problem?  The battery was literally 2″ too short.  The clerk swapped out and installed my new battery (the correct height) without hassle.  Be forewarned.  If you replace your Acura RDX battery with a 26-3 instead of a 35-1, you will need terminal extenders or a height adapter.  It even says so on the computer screen when they sell you the battery.  (The first clerk neglected to mention this.) Oh well, I now have a 35-1 battery and everything fits just fine.  I had to fork over $3.00 for the different battery (a higher priced battery), plus I opted for the protector goop and felt washers.  Connections are all nice and secure.

All is well.  I’m about to go sit in front of my sewing machine.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.