Random musings

This morning, I packed up my SUV and headed south 1-1/2 hours to McDonough.  Today was Allison’s 5th birthday party at a jump and play place right across the parking lot from A Scarlet Thread.   Although my immediate family all lives within the toll-free dialing area, we are so spread out it takes 1-1/2 to 2 hours each way just to go visit.

Allison requested spring clothes for her birthday present.  Sugar Mama definitely appreciated the quilt I made her for Christmas.  This picture is my absolute favorite of all that were taken that day:

I unearthed my kid clothes patterns and fabric, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to whip up anything on such short notice.  I’m also knee deep in another project that needs to be finished by Monday.  Allison will get some spring clothes from Aunt ‘Resa a little later on.

My visit to A Scarlet Thread was productive.  I found the wide backing fabric I needed and enjoyed looking around the store.  However, if one more person had asked me if I needed help, I would’ve probably screamed.   I was in my full-out creative zone, looking at fabrics and patterns for inspiration.  (You know what I mean!)  Every time I reached out to touch or pull something off the shelf, an employee was there to offer assistance.  I really, really appreciate the friendly staff.  But when I’m in the zone, please, please please, leave me alone!  Believe me, I’ll ask for help if I want it.

The Janome 6500/6600/7700 Yahoo Group has been a wonderful resource in learning all about Jewel.  If you have one of these machines, I highly encourage you to join the group.  Be warned that this is an active group.  I finally had to change my email settings to “daily digest” because my in-box overflowed with messages from this list-serv.