Summer’s end

Here in the South, we start school much earlier than our northern counterparts.  Today marks the official last day of summer vacation for moi.  Tomorrow, I report for preplanning and a day filled with meetings and catching up with my co-workers, many of whom I haven’t seen since late May. As I’ve told my parapro, pre-planning is for teachers.  We can delay opening the library the first few days of school, but we have to help the teachers get ready for the big day on August 13th.  So, we’ll hopefully get the bulletin board up, display some first day of school books and put the decorations back out in the library in anticipation of Sneak-a-Peek on Thursday.  I’ll also be up to my ears in technology stuff the next few weeks as I assume webmaster responsibilities for one school and am helping the other school with their blogs.  I’m sure you’ll see this blog change over the next several weeks as I try out new tricks before I share them with my teachers.

Next Saturday, one of my quilt guilds is having an all-day retreat.  There’s also a big Paws read-in at the main Cobb County Library right off the square in Marietta.  Originally, I had RSVP’d in the negatory to both events thinking I would be at school on Saturday.  Scratch that since there’s no air on the weekends.  It’s too darn hot to work without a/c in an area with no windows to open and cross-ventilation.  I really think Boomer and I need to attend the R.E.A.D. event that morning.  It means I may not get to the retreat until after 2 p.m., but that’s okay.  I’ll check and see if I can still go.

So for now, it’s back to making out the grocery list and then down to the studio to finish up my Kona Challenge Quilt.