Sometimes you never know who might be sitting next to you

Last night, I almost skipped the AMQG’s sew-in at a local fabric store.

I was running late due to work obligations, tired, and I didn’t have a project ready to go.  In a flash of inspiration, I scooped up the bulls-eye blocks from the Silver Comet Stitchers’ block swap, grabbed my FW and left.

I arrived almost an hour late, with a much needed Diet Coke in hand.  As I set up my machine, I listened to snatches of conversation around me.  The lady next to me mentioned she was making the sample for a book she’s currently writing.  Know how it feels when you recognize someone but can’t for the life of you remember how, where or why you might know this person?  As soon as she said her name – Jodie – I knew.  None other than Jodie Davis from QNNtv was sitting next to me.  She confirmed and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation that followed.

I don’t think anyone else recognized her, but as the night wore on, they realized someone of note in the quilting world was in their midst.  Jodie never really let on who she was to anyone but one person besides me in our group.  She obviously appreciated being incognito for a change.

Hope she comes back to visit AMQG as her schedule allows.  Also hope the traveling Aurifil thread cone made it to New Jersey.

One thought on “Sometimes you never know who might be sitting next to you

  1. Teresa – somehow, I never saw this post that you wrote! How interesting to think back to that day and remember it so clearly. Also, I just realized your blog is not on my reader, so I fixed that! Anyway, I, too, realized it was Jodie shortly into our conversation. We had an interesting side conversation about beer brewing since she is a brewer and my husband is too. I didn’t say much because I got the feeling she was looking to not be a “celebrity” that night. We have since discovered we have a lot of non-quilting things in common, which has been interesting. So glad I discovered this post : )

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