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Kid’s Classes Now Available


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You asked! Classes are scheduled for the month of July, 2016. 

Location:  All classes will be held @ Stitch N Quilt in Mableton.


July 7th , 10-11:30 a.m. Crafty STEM/Electric Bracelet.  Learn about e-textiles/soft circuits as you make your very own LED bracelet.  You choose the color of bamboo felt, stitch your circuit and bling to your heart’s content. Class Fee:  $15.00, includes all supplies.  Hand sewing.

July 7th, 1:00-3:00 p.m. T-Shirt Pillows.  Become a part of the upcycling crowd as you turn one of your t-shirts into a pillow.  Note: this is not a class for absolute beginners. You need to be able to sew a straight seam without sewing your fingers together. Class Fee:  $15.00.  Kit Fee: $10.00 (optional, but provides your choice of fabrics and a 14″x14″pillow form.) Machine sewing.

July 13th – 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Snap Bags. Make & Take.  Come as you are and make your very own version of one of these clever snap bags which incorporates  metal tape measure pieces to make the bag “snap” shut. For kids and adults.  Class Fee: $10.00, includes tape measure parts. Machine sewing.

July 19th  & July 21st – 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – Kids Quilt. Come view the samples on display in the shop and choose to make either a Windmill or a Simply Blocks quilt top. If you buy your fabrics at SNQ, the staff will precut all your fabrics so that you can start stitching right away. Class Fee:  $35.00  Optional Kit & Pattern Fee: TBD.  Machine sewing.



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New skill of the month – making pom-poms

Supplies needed to make pom-poms

At work, we were required to set a personal and professional goal for the school year that will be tracked.  I meet with my accountability partner once a month to review my progress.  Of course, my personal goal is craft related.  (Big surprise huh?)  My goal is to learn one new skill or complete a small project each month between now and May.

September is Pom-Pom Month.

There are various ways to make pom-poms.  I happen to score this small Clover pom pom maker on a recent trip to Tuesday Morning.  The packaged instructions aren’t that great.  Here’s a video that I found helpful to explain the methodology.


A pair of small super sharp scissors is essential when cutting the yarn.  I used the “brand on sale” acrylic yarn in this example.  I made pom-poms wrapping one time, two times and three times over each arm.   One wrap fell apart, but you can see the different in pom-poms made with two wraps and three wraps in this picture:

More wraps = fluffier pom-poms 2 wraps on left and 3 wraps on right

Personally, I like the fullness of the three wrap pom-pom the best with the thin acrylic yarn I used.  Chunky or eyelash yarns might only require 2 wraps to get the desired amount of fullness.  I can already see this as an activity for my Crafty STEM club members.  We will experiment with different methods for making pom poms including using your hand, a dinner fork and a DIY cardboard template/cardboard donuts and of course, a commercially available unit.  Does technology really make it easier?  Short answer:  yes, but you don’t have to buy the commercial gizmos to make fabulous pom-poms! Stay tuned!

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Earn those merit badges girls!

Last Monday, I stayed after school to help our local Girl Scout troop members earn service badges.  The girls elected to make fleece dog blankets as their service project.  One tiny, but very important, detail – three of the four girls had never touched a sewing machine.

No problem! I brought in three sewing machines, sewing supplies and scrap fabrics for practice.  The assistant leader brought in one machine and the fleece.  A fun time was had by all, especially with regard to the “capture the needle thread” game (i.e. the girls kept losing the upper thread every time I turned around!).  In the end, the girls donated four fleece doggie blankets that accompanied rescue dogs being transported up north by Road Trip Home.  Here are some photos of our adventure: