Importance of Feedback

My kids’ sewing classes start this week. Yesterday, I stopped by the shop to take a last look over the teaching space, so I could make sure I have everything we need for Thursday. I also turned in the journal covers and picked up fabric for the last project.

I am excited to have the support of the students & parents who have signed up for the classes and the shop owner for taking the chance to try something new.  Unfortunately, the enrollment I had hoped for didn’t materialize.   The shop owner shared some feedback she had received regarding the kids’ sewing classes.  Too expensive.  Later start times.  Different days.  Saturday/weekend classes.  

Lots to digest and some adjustments to be made.  My teaching availability at this particular shop is limited by the hours the shop is open and my own work schedule.  I am open to exploring all of the alternative schedule requests, but again, the class schedule is really dictated by the shop.  [Yes, I am exploring additional locations for classes.]

Pricing is a little trickier.  The major pricing objection didn’t seem to be the cost per class, but the requirement all classes be paid for in one lump sum in advance.  To overcome this objection, we discussed turning the series into individual project based classes (2 hours max), allowing families to pay by the class.  $10-15 per hour of class time seems to be the going rate in my immediate area for sewing instruction.  I  am a tad on the high side and may need to adjust the class fee by 15% and/or include the materials in some of the classes.  It also means I would need to increase the required minimum class size to even hold the class.  As much as I enjoy sharing the love of sewing, I still expect to receive a fair rate for my services.  It is a business after all!

Kids’ Sewing Class Projects (more specifically project #3)

BEFORE:  An ordinary 100 page composition notebook used by many an elementary and middle school student:


AFTER:  1/2 yard of fabric, craft weight interfacing and less than an hour of my time:  


Every girl on my “feedback panel” from 5-14 asked if I would give her the journal.  One of the middle schoolers asked if it was for sale.  Sorry girls, the journal is currently my class sample, but it has been promised to my next-door-neighbor, Anna.



Finally got a smart phone

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a Luddite when it comes to technology.  

I like to play with my gadgets (and I get to play with SEVERAL in my day job as a library media specialist).

I merely put off buying a smart phone because I knew I would do nothing but play with the phone.  I was right in that respect;  however, I didn’t realize how much of a timesaver it would turn out to be.

So, I ate through my limited data allotment in less than a week and today called the customer service line to change the plan NOW so I could move to the unlimited plan.  We’ll see if I need to move up a tier on the 4G data level…

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