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Whew!  I got the t-shirt quilt completed and delivered on Saturday!

My studio looked as if a tornado had blown through it by the time I finished.  I had the normal creative clutter from finishing a project and then the utter disarray from items unpacked, but not put in a permanent spot.  I spent today, with Mom’s help, deciding where to hang pictures and assembling some storage units.  Hubs will help me hang stuff this week.  That will alleviate a lot of floor clutter and free up shelf space once the knick-knacks are returned to their rightful display cabinets.  I also need to buy a bulletin board, filing cabinet and another small sewing chair.  I had hopes for a long arm set up, but that’ll have to be put on hold for a while.  Two overstuffed chairs are in the way.


“We want Mrs. Kent!”

Seems I have a group of little girls and their mothers who want me to teach them how to sew.  They were very disappointed that I wasn’t available to teach sewing classes at the quilt shop in July.  [I was temporarily living two hours away with my mom while we waited on our new house to be completed.]  Evenings and Saturdays are about the only time I have left with school starting back.

One of the local quilt shops takes a greater percentage of the class fees for Saturday classes.  Under this scenario, it makes it almost impossible for me to earn what I need to get out of a 2 hour class….even if I was lucky enough to get a time for a kid’s sewing class.  So, it’s on to Plan B.  I need to talk to the manager at this shop about using the classroom space before someone else claims it.

We finally closed on July 25th after two deferrals because the house didn’t pass the final inspection for a handful of porch spindles being 1/16 of an inch too wide and the two of the breakers in the box not being labeled quite how the inspector wanted them labeled.  A handrail was required for a section of retaining wall next to a staircase (with it’s own handrail) that no one would ever walk on.  Seems the county inspectors were feuding with the builder over the house across the street that’s also under construction and decided to take out their frustration with the builder on our house.

Anyhow, we’re in and I love, love, love the house.  It’s quite different from our other home.  I finally have my sewing room unpacked and somewhat arranged.  My previous studio had built-in shelving and a custom closet organization system.  I had to rethink my batting and fabric storage for my new space.  I sewed a little bit last night and will be so glad to have the rest of my room put back in order!  I don’t mind clutter, but the disarray bothers me when I sew.


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